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Nikkor Ais

Nikon NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 Ai with screw on hood; great condition!


Nikon 105mm f2.5 AIs Nikkor MF


Nikon Nikkor 105mm f2.5 AiS Lens-Guaranteed+Free Shipping!


Nikon Nikkor 35mm 1:2.8 AI manual focus lens with original box


Nikkor 105mm f2.5 Nikon Ai Lens


Nikon Micro NIKKOR 55mm f/2.8 Ai-S MF Macro lens in good condition.


[Minty] Nikon Ai-s Nikkor 20mm F3.5 Wide Angle MF lens EXCELLENT!


Nikon NIKKOR TC-14A AI-S Lens 1.4 Converter


Nikon Micro-Nikkor Auto 55mm f/3.5 Nippon Kogaku Manual Focus Lens - AI


Nikon Ai Nikkor 24mm f/2  Wide Angle Lens w/Hood, Caps & Case.  Excellent


NIKON Ai NIKKOR 20mm f/3.5 MF in nice condition with Nikon HK-6 lens hood


Superb Nikon Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 AI-S lens


Nikon Nikkor 105mm 1:2.5 Manual AIS f/2.5-f/22


Nikon NIKKOR 50mm f/1.8 Ai Pancake Lens


Nikon NIKKOR Q C 135mm F2.8 Non-Ai Lens w 43 Adapter


NIKON NIKKOR 50mm f/1.4 NON AI Lens. Tested


Nikon Nikkor 55mm F/3.5 Micro Non AI Manual Focus Lens {52}


Nikon Nikkor 24mm F/2.8 AIS Manual Focus Lens {52}


Nikkor Nikkor-O Auto 35mm f/2 pre-ai lens


Nikon Nikkor 300mm f-4-5-ED IF AI-S MF Lens w/ Tripod Mount & Caps USA Seller


Nikon Micro-Nikkor 105mm F2.8 Ais MF Lens Japan #186670


Nikon Micro Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 AI-S - Macro Prime Lens


Nikon MF NIKKOR 105mm f/2.5 Ai Nikon lens with Hood and Caps


Nikon Nikkor 20mm f/3.5 AIs Manual Focus Ultra Wide Lens w/CPU Chip Excellent+++


Nikon Ai-S Zoom NIKKOR 28-85mm F3.5-4.5 Lens


Nikon Ai-s Nikkor 28mm f/3.5 MF Lens AIS


Nikon Nikkor 50mm F/1.2 AIS Manual Focus Lens 50 mm F1.2 Beautiful Lens


Nikon NIKKOR 85mm f/1.8 non AI Lens


Nikon Nikkor 50mm 1:1.8 (f/1.8) MF Standard Prime Ai Lens - Great Glass.