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Roman Coin

Slabbed Group of 5 Ancient Roman Widows Mite Sized Bronze Coins c 50 BC - 400 AD


ONE Authentic Ancient ROMAN EMPIRE BRONZE COIN - Genuine Antique from 240-410 AD


Ancient Roman Emperor Aurelian Bi Double Denarius Coin,NGC Certifed VF


Ancient Roman Two Headed Janus Bronze Galley Prowl Coin 31mm 100-50 BC Sharp!


Small Lot of 6 Ancient coins, Greek, Roman and Byzantine


Roman Silver Gallienus Bi Double Denarius Coin,NGC Certified Circa 253 A.D.




Ancient Roman Coin 27mm Absolutely Super High Quality Bronze/Billon Type Thick!


Ancient Roman Coin Bronze With Large SC And Wreath Thick&Heavy And Nice Detail


Ancient Roman High Quality Coin Wings Bronze 19mm Super Sharp!


Large Ancient Roman Coin: Ae-23 Of Caracalla from the Famous Stobi mint~XF+bonus


Ancient Roman Coin, Arcadius, NGC (XF)


Ancient Roman Empire Claudius II Bi Double Denarius Coin,NGC Certified XF


Ancient Roman Camp Gate Coin Super High Quality 1-3 Century BC


LARGE Silver Roman Coin of Valerian I 253-260 AD "Victory, Shield" CERTIFIED


The Roman Emperors - Coin Wall Poster


Ancient Roman Temple Coin 27mm Big Bronze 1-3 Century AD Scarce


AD 161-180 Roman Silver Coin, Marcus Aurelius/Concordia, 17mm, 2.4g


Ancient Roman Coin 18mm Medium To Thick Camp Gate High Quality


SCARCE Roman Denarius Silver Coin of Caracalla "VOTA SVSCEPTA X Altar" CERTIFIED


*Tater* Roman Provincial ae23 Bronze Coin of Domitian JUDAEA CAPTA ATHENA


Lot of 100 Uncleaned Roman Bronze Coins


AD 180-192 Roman Silver Coin, Commodus/Venus, 17 mm, 2.4g


Ancient Roman Coin 15mm Super High Quality Victory 2 Standing Soldiers


AD 218-222 Roman Silver Coin, Elagabalus/Abundantia, UNC, 20.18mm, 2.99g


Ancient Roman Temple Coin Super Large 28mm Bronze Heavy And Thick In Great Shape


Ancient Roman Coin 25mm Thick Heavy Super High Quality


Ancient Roman Camp Gate Coin 18mm Partially Silvered Not A Bad Looking Coin?


Slabbed Ancient Roman Constantine the Great Era Coin c 330 AD #4


Roman Antoninianus of Diocletian Bi Nummus Coin NGC Certified VF With Story


10 Slabbed Ancient Roman Constantine the Great Coins Nice Quality c 330 AD a5


Constantine The Great Ancient Roman Coin, 307-337 AD, Like Sear #3735?; Nice ~


Ancient Roman Coin Large 22mm Bronze Head Dress Soldier Shield 1-3rd Century AD


Roman Imperial Bronze Coin Leo I


AD 169 Roman Silver Coin, Lucius Verus/ Aeternitas, 17 mm, 2.5g